All I Want

Release Date:  19 September 1995

Record Label:  Curb


Personnel:  Tim McGraw (vocals); Larry Byrom (acoustic guitar); Dan Huff, Brent Rowan (electric guitar); Sonny Garrish (steel guitar, dobro); Glen Duncan (fiddle); Matt Rollings (piano, Hammond organ, keyboards); Steve Nathan (Hammond organ, keyboards); Mike Brignardello, Glenn Worf (bass); Lonnie Wilson (drums); Terry McMillan (percussion); Curtis Wright, Curtis Young (background vocals).

Recording Time:  42 minutes

Track List:


1.  All I Want Is A Life

2.  She Never Lets It Go To Her Heart

3.  Can’t Be Really Gone

4.  Maybe We Should Just Sleep On It

5.  I Didn’t Ask and She Didn’t Say

6.  Renegade

7.  I Like It, I Love It

8.  The Great Divide

9.  You Got The Wrong Man

10.  Don’t Mention Memphis

11.  When She Wakes Up (and Finds Me Gone)

12.  Tha’s Just Me

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